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How to Order

Call 1-406-564-3220

First and Foremost

Don't feel obligated to order when you call.  I enjoying answering customers' questions.  No answer?  Leave a message!  I return all calls!

Best Time to Call

Due to  call volumes being higher than normal, I ask all those looking have questions answered or those wanting to placing an order, to call between 2 pm and 4 pm MST, daily.   If you call before those hours, please leave a message and I will get back to you.  

Ready to Order

After you've picked out a holster, or maybe several holster designs you'd like to combine into one just for you, give me a call at 1-406-564-3220.  Since all orders are taken by phone, I've included some tips below to help the ordering process go quickly and smoothly.


  • If I'm unable to answer, leave a quick message and I will call you back. 
  • It is handy if we are both looking at the same catalog during our conversation.
  • It takes about 20-plus minutes to process an order on the phone.
  • Make notes of the particular TM numbers you'd like to reference.
  • Want a holster but not ready to order?  Call and reserve a build date!


Pricing on all holsters are a la carte.  Prices are based on size and complexity of the holster.   A current price list is available for viewing/downloading in the "download a catalog" area.


Wait Times.  

As of 6 May 2020, Wait Time is Approximately: 9 Weeks

Wait times, for order completion, vary.  Times have ranged from one month to eight, depending on  number of orders in the queue.  Once a customer calls and places an order, that order goes into a queue and is processed in the order it was received...unless a rush fee is paid. 

Rush Fees

I don't like charging rush fees but they are the only way I can justify putting one order before another one.  Rush Fees are also based on the type of holster you order.  The more complicated the holster, the less likely I'll be able to rush the order due to the complexity of the build.  Basic rush fees are above the cost of the holster and are $50 for 7-Day build and $90 for a 3-day build. 


To discover how simple the payment process is, give me a call at 1-406-564-3220.